The Greatest Living Rock Voices

Happy 2012 everyone!

After a brief spell of blog-block, I’m back and have kickstarted the year by listening to a lot of rock. Which started me thinking about how much I like rock vocals – there’s something totally unique about hearing a really good rock singer. Some are deep, dark and disturbing…others huge, high and soaring…and some just knock your socks off.

Earlier this week I tweeted about this blog post and asked for some inspiration. Here are the Top 20 (living) rock singers, as voted by the Twittersphere, in alphabetical order. Have a listen, you might find something cool – when you’ve finished, make sure you vote in the poll below!

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Album Review: Aloe Blacc ‘Good Things’

Californian soul vocalist Aloe Blacc first began his career as a rapper in 1995, but quickly turned his back on that genre, saying that “Artists like 50 Cent made me stop rapping. I felt there was too much opulence, braggadocio and misogyny in hip-hop and I wanted to tell a different story. What happened is that the music got corporatised. Industry executives sacrificed art for what sells and mega-stars now saturate the market with the same tired lyrics.”

‘Good Things’, Blacc’s second album, was released in 2010. Mellow, relevant, and soulful, it’s surely the sophomore album John Legend wishes he had made.

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