30 Day Song Challenge

A month ago I joined a Facebook campaign to choose a different song every day, to represent different emotions and different points in my life. I’ve been happily tweeting away my choices over the last month, but here they all are, in one place!

Feel free to join the campaign at http://www.facebook.com/pages/30-Day-Song-Challenge/120874111270003

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My 5 Favourite Albums

When I started thinking about this I thought it might be fun to pick my ‘top 5 songs of all time’….but after starting, I decided that it was FAR too difficult!

So instead I’ve decided to share my favourite 5 albums, based on a number of things – albums that have changed the way I look at certain types of music, albums which take me back to a memorable time or simply the ones that I’ve played the most. In no particular order then, here we go:
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