My Top 5 Albums of 2012

Albums20121As we near the end of 2012, I’ve been looking back through my iTunes library and thinking about the tracks I’ve most enjoyed listening to. It’s been a terrific year for music and I’ve been spoilt for choice in choosing my five favourite albums.

In the end I went with a mixture of albums that surprised me, a couple that indulged my guilty pleasures and one that I’ve just played pretty much non-stop. I’ll leave you to guess which ones are which!


51EADVUoRXL1) Lana Del Ray – Born To Die

Self-styled “gangster Nancy Sinatra” Lana Del Ray’s album of musings on wealth, drugs and celebrity. Her pouty, deadpan ‘Hollywood sadcore’ ballads are refreshing, haunting and hypnotic. A reissue of the album in November 2012 added a selection of new songs, leading with ‘Ride’, which offered an even darker flavour of what’s to come.

61U4C6s36yL2) Alt-J (∆) – An Awesome Wave

Alt-J’s Mercury prize-winning album is nothing short of astonishing. I remember hearing ‘Something Good’ on the radio and stopped me in my tracks – like nothing I’ve ever heard before. ‘Matilda’, the second single, is a beautiful fragile track which references the 1994 film ‘Leon’.

61ED2KLjZXL3) Adam Lambert – Trespassing

When Adam tweeted back in April that he had created ‘ElectroFunkEmoStepPop’ whilst recording his second album, we were eventually treated a sophomore record chock-full of hits, playing with the themes of light and dark, accompanied by the best vocalist on the planet. Adam executive produced the entire album, resulting in a sonic consistency which was lacking from his debut ‘For Your Entertainment’. Get your dancing shoes ready for ‘Cuckoo’, and have the tissues standing by for ‘Underneath’.

313y7uk+wmL4) Frank Ocean – Channel ORANGE

Take a splash of Stevie Wonder, mix in a little R Kelly, add a dash of Kanye, and you have Frank Ocean. A beautifully chilled debut album, Channel ORANGE has challenged hip-hop/RNB stereotypes, and rightly topped many ‘best of 2012’ lists worldwide. ‘Bad Religion’ deserves your attention.


613aCnhgdML5) Mumford & Sons – Babel

As the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Marcus Mumford and co returned in September 2012 with their follow-up to the phenomenally successful ‘Sigh No More’. Cue more folksy, earnest, festival-friendly singalongs…and I loved every minute of it. ‘Lover of the Light’ and ‘Holland Road’ will have you donning your tweeds and stamping along.

[UPDATE] The five albums that I chose are listed in no particular order – no 1 doesn’t necessarily mean I enjoyed it most of all! Just incase you’re wondering….!

6 thoughts on “My Top 5 Albums of 2012

  1. Thank you for acknowledging Adam Lambert as the best vocalist on the planet. TRESPASSING is an awesome album even if you don’t like electro-dance-pop-funk or whatever you called it. If there is one thing he taught me, it’s to never be afraid to be different. He probably would have sold a lot more albums if he went mainstream. Gotta give him credit for doing what he wanted. 2013…Wait til you get a load of me!

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