Session Vocals at Stompbox Studios

I spent a fun evening at Stompbox Studios earlier this week recording a couple of songs for local songwriter Maggie Adams.

It has been some time since I last worked with a recording studio laying down session vocals, but as soon as I had the call from producer Mark Pierce I jumped at the chance. We spent the evening recording vocals on two very different songs.

‘Beautiful World’ is a jazzy upbeat number that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Michael BublĂ© record. Look out for an insanely catchy chorus and the use of the word ‘beautiful’ over 50 times!

‘To Sleep With You’ is a tender ballad which we approached like a classic Robbie Williams track. I hope we did it justice – the middle eight was a real pleasure to play around with and Mark P’s production was inspired. Sitar, anyone?

The finished mixes of both songs can be found over at Maggie’s website. Thanks again to Mark P for his usual brand of fun, creativity and utter professionalism! For further information about him and Stompbox, the site is


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